Video Poker Rules at online casinos. Play video poker now

Video Poker today is a real leader among other types of casino games based on popularity and simplicity. Nowadays video poker machines are almost at every casino. By the way, today every internet user has a chance to play video poker.

Everything happens the following way: display is showing playing process and upper part of the screen has a payout table making playing process significantly easier.

The display has also special indicators that show current situation. First indicator is showing total amount of money player has on his/her account, second indicator is for winnings of the last round. Third indicator shows the level of current bet. Indicators are called Credit, Win and Bet.

Video poker rules

Video Poker has very simple rules. First of all, player is required to make a bet. That can be done the following way:

As soon as bet is placed, player can start the game by clicking Deal button. The game begins and player is dealt cards. If you need some cards then you keep them and push Deal button again to change cards you want to discard. If you were able to get a winning combination, the prize is credited to your account.

To take credits you need to press Collect button.

To continue playing, push Double button.

Double feature in videopoker opens bonus round where five cards are displayed and first and last cards are open. Player has to choose one of the closed cards. The situation develops the following ways:

Videopoker allows to play bonus round unlimited number of times, increasing the amount won. However, the more times you've won the higher chances of losing next time. In some cases you are offered to risk not all money, but only half, use Double-Half button.

Video Poker Types

It should be highlighted that there are several variations of videopoker. First type is multi-hand video poker. Its key difference is that a player has several lines displayed on the screen (various video poker machines have this number ranging from 3 to 100). Every payline is active.

Initially video poker machine deals cards to one line, you can select which cards to keep and they would be held on the rest of the paylines. Paylines are randomly dealt remaining cards. The main advantage for player is that in case of getting, let's say four of a kind on the main payline, he/she will receive four of a kind on the remaining paylines and is going to win a bank proportional to the number of paylines.