Video poker at online casinos. How to play video poker. Video poker specifics

Video poker is a wildly popular slot among gamblers worldwide. Based on the classical game of poker, video poker features way more variations. Pretty much every casino – both online and offline – is using video poker to attract to clients and make their pastime more diverse and exciting. Videopoker is loved by gamblers for its exciting playing process and simple rules. Online video poker variations are the same as the ones offered at land-based casinos. Let’s outline the basic rules of how to play video poker.


The player’s major goal is to score a winning combination. Unlike with most poker variations, in video poker you’re not competing against anyone. As you have to rivals, there is no need to compare your hand to that of other player (players). Before getting down to play, make sure you memorized all paid card combinations (see the table) to complete a winning combination and get your payouts.

Video poker at online casinos

How to play video poker

To succeed in videopoker, you need to know all winning combinations that generate payouts. Major video poker combinations have the same names as in the classical poker: Full House, Straight, Straight Flush, Flush, Three of Kind, Two Pairs, Royal Flush, Pair, and Four of Kind. Before playing video poker machines, find out which of the above combinations are paid at your selected online casino. Bear in mind that winning combinations may vary from casino to casino.

Furthermore, video poker may feature a Joker which may be a special card, or any standard one. Remember that “clean” combinations pay higher than those completed with one – or a couple of – Jokers.


Each video poker machine has a paytable with a full list of winning card combinations and related payouts applied in this particular videopoker variation. Start with the highest-paying combinations at the top of the paytable and work your way down to the bottom Pay attention to how payouts are changing: they may not grow proportionally to the size of bets. In some cases, betting maximum amounts is the most profitable option.

Playing process

Place a bet and click on Deal button. You are dealt five cards. Analyze your hand to decide which cards to keep and which ones to discard. To keep the card, click on Hold button opposite it. The remaining cards are replaced absolutely for free. Analyze your new hand. If you have a winning combination, you’re entitled to a payout.

Many video poker variations feature a bonus game. How to play the bonus game? You are dealt five cards, four face-down and one face-up. You need to pick a card. If your selected card is higher than the open card, your winnings are doubled. Otherwise, you lose your entire bet. Once you entered the bonus game, you can’t quit until you pick a card.

While some online casinos increase your bet multiple times, others reward a player for successfully doubling their bet ten times in a row.

Video poker specifics

Some video poker variations offer the Auto Hold feature. By choosing to use this feature, you let the video poker machine decide which cards to keep and which ones to discard. Anyway, video poker is always fun! Try it and make sure for yourself!