Simple strategy for Deuces Wild video poker: Rules and specifics

As it turns out, even seasoned gamblers find applying Deuces Wild video poker strategy pretty challenging at first. If you want to start playing as soon as possible and protect the depth of your bankroll, you most definitely need to study a simplified Deuces Wild video poker strategy. The strategy allows you to maintain the advantage over the casino or even reduce it to zero altogether.

This article outlines how to play different hands in Deuces Wild video poker.


If you’ve been dealt 4 deuces, you should keep all of them. You can’t score a better card combination.

If your hand contains 3 deuces, keep the cards to Royal Flush or Five of Kind only. Otherwise, hold deuces only.

If you’ve been dealt 2 deuces, keep any combination from Four of Kind and higher. We recommend keeping any four cards to Royal Flush or discard the entire hand, except for deuces.

Simple strategy for Deuces Wild video poker

Got just one deuce? Keep any paid combination. If you have 4 cards to Royal Flush, you should split it. Hold 4 cards to Straight Flush or 3 cards to Royal Flush. Otherwise, discard all cards, except for deuces.

No deuces

If you’ve been dealt a hand with no deuces, you need to keep any paid combinations. You can split combinations only if you have 4 cards to Royal Flush.

Complete a Straight Flush and a Royal Flush from four and three cards, respectively, if you can.

Keep any pair. Two pairs are only held in some Deuces Wild variations, when Full House is paid like Four of a Kind.

If your hand includes suited 10, J, Q or K, keep any two-card combination and higher.

If you have none of the above combinations, do not hesitate to discard all cards and draw new ones.

Here’s a helpful tip for all beginners. Make some careful considerations before clicking the buttons. Remember that you’re playing at online casino, and there is no need to make hasty decisions that you may regret down the road.

Common mistakes made by beginners

Below we’ve listed top common mistakes that lead to novice players losing in Deuces Wild video poker.

  1. Only keep the highest card, although you can only keep one deuce.
  2. Get rid of deuces. You shouldn’t do this if you still can complete a Royal Flush.
  3. Keep deuce and any other card. It’s a big mistake that results in heavy losses.
  4. Split pairs. If you’re unsure about scoring a Straight or Flush, a pair may boost your winning chances.
  5. Full House combination is paying not high enough for you to keep two pairs.

Use your head and avoid the above mistakes! Although a simple Deuces Wild video poker strategy is definitely working, make sure to study the full table to get a broader picture and feel more confident. Knowing the basics is what makes a video poker professional.