Auto Hold videopoker feature: Is it worth your while?

According to online gambling stats, video poker is enjoying wide popularity in pretty much every online casino. Reasons are many. First and foremost, video poker is a very simple and player-friendly game, with the house edge being pretty low. If you have the basic idea of how to play standard poker, you won’t have any trouble switching to video poker machines.

About video poker

The player is dealt 5 cards. You have the right to discard any number of cards in your hand and take new ones. Cards are replaced absolutely for free. Your goal is to score a winning combination. Unlike with standard poker, you don’t need to compare your hand with those of other players and the dealer.

After estimating their hand, the player decides which cards to keep and which ones to discard. The player does this to improve the existing hand or compose a new one.

It should be noted that every video poker variation has the optimal strategy developed for it. With smart videopoker strategies, the player knows exactly what to do in a specific situation. As a result, the player can keep the casino advantage to a minimum.

Auto Hold videopoker feature


Practical tips

In real life, few gamblers have enough knowledge and skills to succeed in video poker and make stable profits. Online casino clients fall into two big categories. Some gamblers play just to have fun rather than to earn money. Such players are not interested in video poker strategy to boost their winning chances. Other players ignore video poker strategy out of ignorance and carelessness.

Videopoker comes in dozens of exciting variations, and memorizing video poker strategy for each of them seems tough. Players could only dream of a versatile video poker strategy that would be applicable for any video poker variation. Until recently.

Casino software manufacturers have come with an amazing one-fits-all solution to this problem. Now players can use a special feature with the optimal video poker strategy built in it. The smart software does everything for the player: it knows which cards to hold and which ones to discard.

You must have noticed the Auto Hold button in video poker interface. This is the feature we’ve been talking about. However, the online casino won’t give players an extra advantage for free. So you’ll have to “pay” for using the Auto Hold feature. You can either ignore Auto Hold and enjoy standard payouts, or use Auto Hold and have lower payouts.

Which option to choose?

We recommend you gathering as much information as possible. Visit various online casinos and analyze videopoker terms they’re offering to find the most profitable option. Study the optimal strategy and hone your videopoker skills till you’re confident enough to play for real money. Then make a deposit to your online casino account and start placing real-money bets. It’s for you to decide whether to use the Auto Hold feature and agree to lower payouts. Consider all pros and cons carefully before making a choice.