Video Poker Specifics And Rules For Play At Casino. How Video Poker Strategy Helps Gamblers Win

Video poker stands out among online casino games. This card game is as exciting and interesting as slot machines. But unlike slots, cards allow the player to make decisions during the play process and impact the outcome of the game.


On online casino USA websites, you can find a couple of video poker variations. Users can choose from about ten alternatives, although their range may be even bigger. There are several dozens of videopokers that have pretty varying rules.

As you can guess from its name, video poker is somehow related to poker. Novice gamblers may find them very similar but in fact they differ significantly.

Although online game also uses poker combinations, their rules are not the same. While standard poker need at least two players trying to beat each other with hands and bets, video poker features just one participant that plays against no one.

Video poker specifics

There is no denying that classical game is a rather complicated casino entertainment. Due to similarities in the name, beginning gamblers consider card machines an intimidating game as well. But the reality is that videopoker is not difficult at all!

Online video poker machines are a good alternative to classical slots. Although online machines lack an impressive diversity of slots, they have one crucial advantage –a player’s decision-making can affect the outcome (which is rare in online gambling).


To succeed in game, the gambler needs to get a paid hand.

As said earlier, video poker uses classical combinations. A pair of Tens is the lowest paid combination. In some variations, the lowest hand is just one King. Furthermore, you may come across tougher rules that require a player to get at least two Jacks.

There is no need to memorize all paid combinations. These are always displayed on the screen. Royal Flush is the highest paid poker hand that features the juiciest payouts. Some other hands include Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, and more. Payouts depend on how often a combination comes up.

After placing a bet, the player receives a starting hand of five cards. If lucky, you get a paid combination at once. But more frequently, you have just one or two suitable cards in your starting hand. Or you may be receive no good cards at all.

Video poker rules

After seeing their starting hand, a gambler decides which cards they would like to keep. If you’d like to keep a card, click the ‘Hold’ button beneath it. After selecting, hit the ‘Deal’ button. All non-selected cards will be replaced with new ones. Then the player compares their hand with a list of paid hamds. If the player has a paid combination, real money online casino pays out winnings. Otherwise, the gambler’s bet loses.

Game is played with a 52-card deck. Furthermore, you may come across a 54-card deck with two Jokers. This does not change basic rules, though.


In videopoker, the player can select cards. This means you can use the optimal video poker strategy that increases your winning chances at the USA online casinos.

It must be said that not any online casino USA real money entertainment has an effective strategy that really works. This is why the optimal strategy is a big advantage of this game. A smart video poker strategy can help you succeed in online gambling. But do not delude yourself into thinking that you can beat American casino over the long term. You can only bring down the number of losses, which is a good result in itself.

Each variation has its own strategy that suits it the best. Based on their starting hand, the player can keep some cards and replace others. Relying on accurate mathematical calculations, trusted strategies are worth your attention.

According to calculations, a clever strategy can take the house edge down to 0.2%. Pretty impressive, don’t you think? You will hardly achieve such a result for other online casino entertainments.

Mobile entertainments

The latest trend in the gaming industry, video poker machines for smartphones are getting increasingly popular. Players can’t get enough of this long-awaited opportunity. Introducing card games, including video poker, on mobile devices turned out to be a highly successful solution.

Today, gamblers are no longer content with a variety of possibilities offered by ordinary gaming websites. A new generation of players use mobile casino USA as a more convenient and functional alternative to standard online casinos. What are gamblers attracted to?

Video poker is an intuitive and easy-to-play casino game. Some players may find moving cards via touchscreen even more convenient than using a mouse.

Small-size video poker machines applications download to your mobile device in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry that the application will “freeze.”

Mobile Casino

The only problem concerns the optimal video poker strategy. Few gamblers know how to use the basic strategy. Furthermore, each poker variation has its own optimal betting system. When playing on a home computer, you can always open the table and see what you should do next.

As for smartphones, the situation is getting slightly more difficult. A game launches as a standalone application, while the strategy is available in your mobile browser. You’ll have to switch between different applications. On the other hand, after several hours of playing you must get the hang of the strategy and won’t have to peep into the rules all the time.

Frequency of payouts

Multiple gamblers view casino games as a stable source of income. Video poker is no different. Although you have zero chance to make stable profits on gaming websites, some players firmly believe that it’s possible.

As we already mentioned, the optimal video poker strategy can slash the house edge down to 0.2%. Sounds fantastic, huh? This is the best scenario, though. Usually, the casino advantage is higher.

This means that even the most skilled and knowledgeable gambler will lose at video poker machines in the long haul. Using an effective betting system, you can minimize your losses. Nonetheless, the number of losses will be higher than the number of wins. The more you play, the more you lose.

There’s good news, though. If you’re lucky to hit a winning streak, you stand a chance to scoop great payouts.

Mobile Casino

How to determine the bet size

In video poker, the optimal bet must not exceed 1% of your bankroll. For highrollers used to big stakes, this may seem too little. For videopoker, the highest bet limit hovers around 10% of your bankroll. There is no use risking larger amounts: high-paying combinations are quite rare. For the most part, you’ll have to settle for modest payouts.


Luckily for gamblers, videopoker features very simple rules, even for beginning players. It will take you a couple of rounds to get the hang of the game. Moreover, different variations of the game have similar rules.

Unlike most casino games, video poker has the optimal winning strategy. This is a sure way to boost your chances to succeed and scoop bigger payouts.

Using the optimal video poker strategy can reduce the house edge down to 0.5%-0.2% in the long haul.

On gaming websites, you can play casino games for free all you want. You don’t need to register a new account or make a deposit.