X-men slot. Play at X-men slot for free right now

X-men slotDid you have some magic abilities as a child? Like healing the wounds, controlling the elements, reading other people’s minds? X-Men are the main characters of the world-famous Marvel movies. They got their strengths as a result of genetic mutations. Both children and adults are crazy about X-Men. And now you have the opportunity to meet those incredible guys when playing the new X-Men slot.

Are you ready to enter the world where the unusual things are happening every minute? Do not hesitate a second and start playing the X-Men slot – and you will reveal the mystery of true mutants that are protecting our world from the evil forces. Those players, who like gambling on Playtech slot machines, are deeply satisfied with X-men slot.

Mutants are welcoming you

X-Men slot features five gorgeous reels and twenty-five paylines. Just press the “Spin” button – and you will find yourself in the world of exciting and dangerous adventures. Experienced players recommend to play on all paylines simultaneously and make maximum bets. Bets are varied from 1 cent to $10 per payline. This means that the maximum bet per spin is $250.

X-Men slot is ready to surprise you with:

The most exciting thing about X-Men slot is the world-known characters from super popular Marvel comics. Now they act as the slot symbols and are ready to impress you with their supernatural abilities any minute.

X-Men’s secrets

X option is one of the most interesting features in X-Men slot. If X-Men symbols form the letter “X” (on the second, third, and forth reels), the player’s bet is multiplied by 5 times.

X-men slotThree  Scatter symbols (X-Men symbols) immediately activate free spins. Another exciting feature is the opportunity to play either on Villains team, or on Heroes team. Switching between these two different modes makes the X-Men slot particularly exciting. During the Heroes mode, the player can enjoy the unlimited amount of free spins, while the Villain mode gives just eight free spins. Professor X and Magneto are the additional Wild symbols that switch the game from one mode to the other.

A special present from X-Men: Progressive jackpot

Hardly there is a player that would say that X-Men slot is a primitive and boring slot game. And you surely won’t ever hear those words from those players who have participated in progressive jackpot al least once in their lives.

In X-Men slot, the player’s goal is to choose out of twenty symbols three identical ones. If you are lucky enough – you can enjoy the large winnings!