The Mummy slot. Play at The Mummy slot for free right now

The Mummy slotThe Mummy slot is an exciting slot with new opportunities

The Mummy slot is a unique slot manufactured by Playtech casino software company. The slot game is based on the epic movie “Mummy” that hit the theatres in 1999. The slot gives you a unique opportunities to relive your emotions and meet the movie characters again: the courageous Richard O’Connell, his loyal companion Evelyn Carnahan, emperor Imhotep, his wife Anck-Su-Namun, the cruel Scorpion King, and others.

The Mummy adventures are beginning

The Mummy slot features five fast reels and twenty-five enticing paylines. The player can bet up to $25 per spin. The maximum bet is $1, the minimum bet is 5 cents. Combinations with 2 or 3 identical symbols bring the winnings. Identical symbols must locate on neighboring reels, on the active line. The amount of payouts equals to the player’s bet multiplied by a certain multiplier.

The Mummy slot

The Mummy slot offers numerous prizes:

The Mummy slot does not feature a double game or progressive jackpot. Nevertheless, this fact does not make the slot less popular among players.

The Mummy shares its treasures: Generous bonuses in bonus games

The Mummy slot offers the following bonus games:

  1. Lost City Adventure. This game is activated randomly, after any spin. The player finds themselves in the lost city of Hamunaptra. In the secret room, you will see 6 boxes. The player’s task is to open all the boxes and get new functions, as well as pleasant winnings. After the player finds the special function, the game is over.

  2. Free spins are activated by thee paraplane symbols on the first, third, and fifth reels. The player is givem either five free spins, or one super spin.

  3. Mummy Hunt is and exciting bonus game that is activated by The Mummy Hunt symbols on the first and fifth reels (The Mummy Hunt is added right after the first bonus game). The player finds themselves in the tunnel. They must decide in which direction to move – to the right or to the left. You will get your winnings after killing the Mummy. If you choose the wrong direction, the game may end.

The Mummy slot is full of mysteries, secrets, and incredible adventures. You won’t find such generous bonus offer or vivid colors in any other lost game.