Play Multihand Blackjack for free and without registration

Multihand BlackjackIn Multihand Blackjack, you can play in one to three boxes. The game uses standard decks without jokers. The cards are shuffled before every round.

Multihand Blackjack is an American blackjack variation. The dealer deals two card to himself and opens one of them. If the opened card is a ten or an ace, the dealer checks his hand for blackjack. If this is an ace, the dealer takes all boxes that lost, without dealing cards on them.

Special features

The dealer takes on sixteen and stands on any seventeen.

You can split cards of the same nominal value.

You cannot split different cards with a 10-point value (for example, jack and king).

The hands resulted from a split don’t have a blackjack (ace and ten stand for 21 points).

You can double on any two initial cards.

You can double on boxes that resulted from a split.

Multihand Blackjack doesn’t have a Surrender.

Multihand Blackjack has an insurance against the dealer’s blackjack and equal money.

Multihand Blackjack can be played on three tables with different range of bets: Standard – $1-300, High Roller - $5-500, VIP - $10-2000.

Winning boxes bring standard payouts: standard hand – 1 to 1; blackjack – 3 to 2; insurance – 2 to 1.


Although most blackjack lovers won’t have any problems with the Multihand Blackjack’s interface, we will give brief definitions of the main buttons on the control panel:

Deal – deal cards on boxes

Rebet – repeat the bet from the previous round

Stand – stop taking cards

Hit – take another card

Double – double the bet

Split – split the cards

Insurance (Yes/No) – insurance against the dealer’s blackjack

The rules applied in Multihand Blackjack are the basic ones for the American online blackjack. Being pretty beneficial for the player, those rules allow the player to minimize the house edge down to less than one percent. To achieve the result so impressive, the player must follow the optimal Multihand Blackjack strategy.