Marvel Roulette. Play at Marvel Roulette for free right now

Marvel RouletteIn  this article, we will talk about Marvel Roulette manufactured by the tireless and super productive Playtech developers. Marvel Roulette is a variation of the European roulette with an extra bonus bet. The game’s style corresponds to its name. Let’s consider this game in more detail.

General description

Marvel Roulette is the European online roulette that offers a very attractive bonus. The general rules for this game are the same as for the standard roulette. Players bet on different fields and try to guess which number is the winning one.

In Marvel Roulette, all classical bets are accepted. The bets are classified into inside bets (bets on one, two, three, four, or six numbers) and outside bets (odd/even, red/black, higher/lower, dozens and columns).

The so-called verbal bets (bets on sectors, neighboring bets, and others) are made on an extra track opened in the separate window.

The bonus bet is considered to be the unique feature offered by Marvel Roulette. For the bonus bet, there is an extra field located above the zero cell. If the player makes the bonus bet and wins, the extra round is launched. On the roulette track, this number is also located near zero cell.

The range of accepted bets depends on the rules applied in the online casino.

Bonus games

The bonus round features three spins on the three-reel slot with Marvel comics’ characters as symbols. The more combinations the player hits, the larger is the payout. Anyway, the prize is guaranteed.

Marvel Roulette


Marvel Roulette features a user-friendly, intuitive control panel, auto mode function, statistics section, the table with the latest winning numbers, and a number of other options.


Marvel Roulette is a perfect and unique mix of classical roulette and video slots. If you are one of those players who love new and progressive things, you should try out this game with giving it a second thought. However, if you are a classic games lover, we recommend you to stick with standard roulette variations.

Where to play

You can play Marvel Roulette both for real money and for fun at the online casinos running on Playtech software. However, not every casino offers the opportunity to play in demo mode. The good news is that you can open a real-money account easily in no time.