Gladiator slot. Play at Gladiator slot for free right now

Gladiator slotWith Gladiator slot, you will immerse into the world of great warriors and worthy awards. Another masterpiece from Playtech manufacturer – the Gladiator slot – was created soon after the Hollywood movie of the same name hit the cinemas. This slot is incredibly popular among players all over the world. Gladiator slot gives the player a unique opportunity to find themselves in Ancient Rome with its spectacular and cruel fights taking place on Coliseum arena.

Deadly fights are beginning

Gladiator is a colored and vivid slot with a number of exciting special features. The slot features five reels and twenty-five paylines, with the very Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar walking on them. Combinations with Caesar images can bring to the player incredible winnings – the bet multiplied by 5,000 times. Three Scatter symbols give 15 free spins, while the Multiplier symbol multiplies the winnings by 5 to 25 times. To start the game, make any bet from 1 cent to $1.

A fearless warrior is not alone: Other symbols

Gladiator slot

Each one of the slot’s animated images features state-of-the-art graphics and breathtaking scores which builds up excitement. Gladiator slot offers two profitable and unique games:

  1. Coliseum prize game. The player sees a table 4x5, with prizes in every row. The player’s task is to open stones by turn. In the lowest row, you can find free spins, in the second – multiplier for free spins, in the third row – extra Wild symbol. You can take all the prizes. Three Caesar symbols can bring to you extra free spins (+3).

  2. Gladiator prize game. The player sees nine helmets – silver, bronze, and gold one. Each helmet hides different amounts of winnings. Select helmet after helmet and increase your winnings pool: the total amount of your winnings will be credited to your account.

Jackpot – a true warrior’s trophy

The Gladiator video slot offers you the unique chance to get an impressive 5,000-coin jackpot. To become the owner of that treasure, hit the winning combination of five Caesar symbols. If you hit an image with Caesar’s daughter, you will get the prize that amounts to 1,000 x your initial bet.