Beetle Bingo game. Play at Beetle Bingo for free right now

Beetle Bingo gameBeetle Bingo game, manufactured by the world-known Playtech company, combines the elements of the traditional bingo and scratch cards. In addition, it has an entertaining and original plot and graphics. For example, instead of balls it uses colorful lady-bugs (with numbers on them) that are let out of the jar at the beginning of the game.

This is a very exciting and original game recommended to all players that love new experiences.

Beetle Bingo: Brief description

Beetle Bingo is a free entertaining game from Playtech casino software manufacturer. The bets vary from 50 cents to €10 (in William Hill Casino). The player’s task is to get a card whose numbers are winning according to one of the three criteria. The payout is calculated as follows: the card’s nominal is multiplied by a random multiplier of a winning group of numbers.

Beetle Bingo game has numbers from one to ninety. Fifteen numbers are winnings ones. The card includes three positions, with five numbers in each. Beatle Bingo gives you the opportunity to win up to half a million dollars.

The game process

At the beginning of the game, the player sees a jar with beetles and a card covered with leaves. If the player prefers the manual mode, they must shake the jar. The jar opens – and the beetles with numbers on them start crawling onto the card. Winning numbers are marked red in the table. Then the player erases the protective cover from the card. The coinciding numbers are encircled. Then the player gets their payout.

Beetle Bingo gameBeetle Bingo’s interface

On the Beetle Bingo screen, you can see a jar with beetles, a card with a protective coat, a table with all numbers, and another card onto which the numbered beetles are crawling. The control panel located in the lower part of the screen has few buttons, so it is not in the least confusing for the player.

Beetle Bingo is a funny and entertaining game that reminds the players of bingo and scratch cards. Of course, you will be bored to play it in the demo mode for a long time. Do not hesitate to start making real-money bets – and the game will become very exciting.

Online casinos that offer Beetle Bingo

You can try out the wonderful Bingo Beetle game at William Hill Casino or any other large and respectable online casino running on Playtech software.