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All slots casino divided into two groups

As you already know, all slots casino are divided into two main groups – online slot machines and video slots online. Originally, slot machine games and video games were based on different technologies. This is why new online slots, that use specialized software instead of mechanical reels, are called video slots online, while more outdated 3-reel slot machine games are called classical online slot machines. Today, the main difference they have is the number of reels.

Classical online slot machines

Classical online slots UK are online slot machine games with three spinning reels and traditional symbols, such as bars, sevens, cherries, freedom bells, etc. These online slot machine games originate from classical 3-reel casino slots online, also known as “one-handed bandits.”

Online video slots

Video slots are a kind of online slots that use specialized gaming software instead of mechanical reels with traditional symbols. Online video slots are exciting games with original scores, vivid animation, and extra bonus games on reels or additional screens. Some video slots online give the player an opportunity to win a generous progressive jackpot.

Multi-reel best online slots UK

All slots casino can be classified by a number of reels. Three-reel online casino slots are traditionally considered classical slot machine games, while all slots casino with a larger number of spinning reels are known as multi-reel slot machines.

Five-reel slots are the most popular online slots UK. Based on certain themes, they attract players with various bonus games. Five-reel online slots have more paylines than classical three-reel online slots do. The number of paylines on a five-reel online slots varies from 50 to as many as 100. Five-reel slots offer the player such bonuses as free spins, bonus rounds (both on the reels and on extra screens), and double feature. Some five-reel slot machine games have a progressive jackpot and are called jackpot slots online.

Today, free slots UK are especially popular among casino visitors. They give the player the opportunity to enjoy gambling absolutely for free. You too can start playing the best online slots UK right on our website, without registration and for free.

Special features of all slots online:

  1. Wild symbol is a special slot machines symbol that can substitute for any other symbol in order to form a winning combination.

  2. Scatter is a slot symbol that can be used to form combinations that pay a progressive jackpot slots or offer bonuses.

  3. Multiplier is a slot symbol that multiplies the player’s winnings.

Now all you need to do is to choose a slot machine you like the most, learn its table of payouts and limits on bets, and start playing.