Does the best roulette system and roulette strategy exist. What is roulette odds

Roulette betting strategies and roulette systemsIn  books and on the Internet, you can find a wide selection of roulette systems, roulette setting strategies, and roulette strategies. However, all roulette systems can be divided into two types:

Progressive roulette strategies

Progressive roulette systems are further divided into two categories. Depending on whether the previous bet won or lost, the size of the next bet is decreased or increased (they are called negative progression systems and insurance systems, accordingly). Martingale system is the most popular roulette strategy that requires to double your bet every time you lose.

Martingale strategy

According to Martingale roulette strategy, you get back the bet you lost, if your next bet won. Suppose, you bet $1 and lost it. The size of your next bet will be $2. Beginning players prefer to apply Martingale strategy if they’re betting on red or black only. This roulette system has a significant drawback, though. It requires a large bankroll. If a string of losses is too long, you may lose your entire bankroll in a couple of rounds.

Parlay strategy

Although Martingale roulette system is popular among beginning players at online roulette, professional gamblers apply it only in combination with other systems, such as Parlay system. This is an easy example of positive progression betting at work. Unlike in Martingale system, the player doubles their bet if the previous bet won (not lost). This roulette system is far more safer than the Martingale system, because you bet only a certain sum of money without risking to lose your previous winnings.

Non-progressive roulette strategies

Besides roulette systems where the size of the future bet depends on whether the previous bet won or lost, there are some roulette betting strategies that maintain the size of the bet unchanged throughout the entire game. This type of strategies is called Masse égale. The approach here is pretty simple: you expect a certain result in spite of its probability. This roulette strategy is advised to be applied for inside roulette bets only – for example, bets on a number or a column).

Does the best roulette system exist?

There is no such roulette strategy that would help you beat the casino and keep winning at roulette. It’s impossible to predict or calculate the result of roulette game. This is why roulette is fairly called Wheel of Fortune.