How to Overcome Losses

Whatever other people may say, losing as never as funs as winning. This is true not only for casino gambling, but for any other area of life – sports, work, bookmaker bets, bets with your friends, etc. Only people with mental derangements can sincerely enjoy their losing. But let’s not talk about them.

You must always remember that losses at casino are inevitable. At least, during some rounds. While you can achieve a desired result in the long run, you can’t possibly win every time you visit the casino. Not long ago, one experienced and seasoned video poker player was giving the interview. This guy can be considered a professional player: he has been gambling for many years, and he finishes every year with a positive balance. Despite the fact that he maintains positive balance in the long run, he loses in more than half rounds. He loses in two every rounds out of three, to be exact. This figure is not changing for many years already.

What conclusions can we make? Losing rounds will be there all the time. You may be a mega expert in blackjack or video poker and never make mistakes at the playing table, but will still leave the casino with a negative result on a regular basis.

The higher your skills level is, the closer you’ll get to gaining the edge over the casino. It won’t show in every round, though. Sometimes, you will win much more that you expected – this is the pleasant side of deviations from standard figures.

Unfortunately, not everybody gets this fact. For most casino players, losses turn into a tough challenge. Emotional beginning players find it particularly difficult to cope with losing streaks. Especially of they already know what frequent winning tastes like. They used to leave the casino with their pockets full of money, thinking that they managed to catch elusive luck. And suddenly a most unexpected thing happens: they lose for the second, third, fourth time in a row…

It’s good if they have enough strength and determination to keep themselves together and continue to follow their pre-set plan. However, most of them fail to do so. Some players start to raise their bets, spend more time in the casino than they planned, follow their intuition, lose self-control, etc. You must understand what such behavior can lead to.

In one of our upcoming articles, we will give you practical advice on how to control your game and avoid large losses at the casino.