Online Blackjack Rules. How to play blackjack online?

Online Blackjack RulesThe goal of blackjack player is to collect twenty-one points or the amount of points that is close to this number but not exceeds it. If the player collects more than twenty-one points, they lose. In other cases, the total value of their cards is compared to the value of dealer’s cards, and the winner is found out. The combination of a card with ten points and Ace is called blackjack. This is the only card combination that has a name and is more “powerful” than any other cards.

Card values in blackjack online

Ace can stand for either 11 points or 1 point. All picture cards are valued as 10 points. Cards with numbers are valued according to their nominal value. Suit doesn’t change the card’s value.

How to play blackjack online?

The game starts with the dealer preparing the cards and accepting bets. After the bets have been accepted, the dealer starts dealing cards. If you’re playing a basic blackjack variation, every player and the dealer get two cards. The dealer opens one of their cards. If one of the boxes has a blackjack and the dealer’s open card excludes the possibility of him having a blackjack (i.e. the card from two to nine), the dealer pays blackjack and collects the cards to the discard rack. If the open card is Ace or has a 10-point value, blackjack isn’t paid untill the combinations are compared. If the dealer’s open card is an Ace, he offers the player with a blackjack so-called “equal money.” This means that the dealer pays blackjack as 1:1 and ends the round.

After estimating the values of their cards and the dealer’s cards, the player decides whether to take a card or stand. The dealer must always stand on 17 points or more. The dealer must take if the total value of their cards is less than 17. The best way to practice blackjack online is deal two hands – one for the player, the other one – for the dealer. Play against the dealer, and when you decide to stop, turn over the dealer’s card that was down. Remember that the dealer must take till he has 17 points and stand when he has 17 or more.

Usually, online blackjack is paid 3:2, meaning that if you bet $10, you will get $15 as winnings. Blackjack can be formed only out of two initial cards. Other combinations that equal 21 points, are not considered blackjack. These simple blackjack rules are true both for online and traditional blackjack.

Some casinos apply the so-called “Charlie rule” , according to which the player wins if they collect a certain total value of cards, without exceeding it. Five-card Charlie rule is the most popular one. This is a combination of 5 cards, with their total less than 21 points. The casinos that applies Charlie rule gives the player a significant advantage that you should surely use.