Blackjack with Live Dealer. Play Live Blackjack Right Now

Live BlackjackBlackjack  with live dealer has been known since 17th century. It was very popular among casino players all over Europe. However, online blackjack with live dealer appeared not so long ago but gained the worldwide recognition. In live blackjack online, the game is managed by a professional dealer rather than a random number generator. This fact gives you extra guarantees that the game is played honestly.

How to play online blackjack live?

If you decided to play blackjack with a live dealer, you need to choose the online casino that offers this game. We recommend you to choose the casino from our rating of honest and reputable casinos.

After choosing the online casino to play live blackjack online at, you’ll see a blackjack table and a dealer. You will be able to see your decisions brought to life within several seconds. The game is broadcasted live on the screen of your computer. Live blackjack simulates playing at land-based casino way much better than any casino software.

Advantages offered by live blackjack online

One of the most important advantages of playing live blackjack is reliability. You can control the dealer’s every move. You can see the cards being shuffled and placed into the shoe. All this creates a sense of security and reliability that you can experience at land-based casinos only.

Another live blackjack advantage is the opportunity to play in a multi-player mode and enjoy the company of other players, while when playing standard blackjack online, you compete only with artificial intelligence. Multi-player modes are offered by some casinos. However, their number is quite limited and sometimes they don’t even have an online chat.