HiLo Blackjack Strategy. Play Blackjack Online

HiLo Blackjack StrategyHiLo strategy is a very simple yet pretty efficient system applied in online blackjack. Even a beginning player can master it easily. The core of this strategy is assigning a certain amount of points to every card. Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Tens are valued as -1, Nines and Eights as 0 points, Fives through Ones as +1 point. While the cards are being dealt by the dealer, the player must count them, i.e. add or subtract a point.

When making bets, the player must consider the count. According to the system, the player must raise the bet proportionally to that amount. The more points, the more “picture” cards there are in the deck, which is beneficial for the player. Hence, the player must raise the bets. If the count is negative, the player should pass.

HiLo strategy proves most effective when you are playing blackjack with one deck. In this case, simple calculations help the player to increase their winning chances. If blackjack is played with several decks, the player should consider the number of decks. Suppose, the number of decks is X and the count is Y. The result is calculated as Y/X.

The main advantage of this system is its simplicity. It can be successfully applied even by a beginning player. However, in some cases HiLo strategy fails to be helpful to the player. This system fails the player, when you are playing blackjack online and the deck is shuffled after every round. The player simply has nothing to count after a re-shuffle.

Some casinos allow their dealers to hide one or several cards in the discard rack. This practice is rather rare, though. However, those casinos that are determined to interfere with players’ card counting, apply this method. HiLo strategy based on card counting can bring the player small but consistent winnings. However, you cannot use it at most online casinos, where cards are re-shuffled after every round.