Double Blackjack Strategy. Play BlackJack Online

Double Blackjack StrategyDouble blackjack strategy is similar to the popular roulette strategy called Martingale system. While the Martingale system is often criticized, Double is a very successful strategy. Its only drawback is the fact that the player must have a large initial bankroll in order to apply this strategy. To use Double strategy, you need to play at card tables with no limits on bets. Otherwise, the strategy’s efficiency goes down and the player’s chances to win increase just insignificantly.

The idea of Double strategy is the same as the one of Martingale’s system, i.e. the player doubles their bet after every loss. The first bet must be minimal. If the player loses, the next bet must be twice as large as the first one. If the player is lucky again, they must double the bet. The player must keep doubling their bets until they win. Thus, they get back the money the lost and earn some extra money. If the table has no limits on bets, the player wins – sooner or later. The key thing here is to have enough patience and – more importantly – money to wait up to the winnings. If the table has limits on bets, it’s becoming more complicated. For example, if the limit is $20, the player can make five bets at most, starting with $1. At $16, the player won’t be able to double the bet due to existing limits. The wise advice is this case is to end the game after getting to the maximum.