You may know about Casino Chips

Casino ChipsAs you may already know, casino chips have different colors, and each color corresponds to a certain nominal value of a chip. Do you know which colors correspond to which values and why it is so?

There is no secret scheme here: colors and nominal values are combined randomly. It’s very convenient for casino employees, dealers, and security guys that monitor all bets via surveillance cameras located along the perimeter of the casino hall. This system is good for loyal casino visitors as well, because layouts of casino tables are painted in different colors that points to the amount of the minimum bet accepted at that particular table.

For example, the green color of a blackjack table means that the minimum bet accepted at that table is $25. If you bet a red chip at that table, the dealer will have to make a remark: “Sorry, this is not a five-dollar table.” This is why it’s very useful to know the meanings of each color. They are easy to remember.

Colors of casino chips

Casino ChipsAs already mentioned above, different colors of casino chips correspond to different nominal value:

White/blue— $1

Red — $5

Green — $25 (a quarter)

Black — $100

Purple— $500 (Barny)

Orange— $1 000 (Рumpkins)

They say that some time ago a Las Vegas casino issued $1 casino chips in black color. This was done for promotional purposes. The casino’s clients were happy: their one-dollar chips looked as solid and respectable as one-hundred chips on other tables. However, the gambling community expressed protest and exerted heavy pressure on the creative casino. As a result, new casino chips were taken out of use. The protesters claimed that swindlers could bring black chips to other casinos, mix them with one-hundred-dollar casino chips, which would cost other casinos lots of money. Although this is a grounded argument, the main reason seems to be tradition.

Tradition means stability and guarantees. Players find tradition comforting, and casino employees find it convenient. You can hardly find a casino that would deviate from the widely-accepted color scheme. Red color says to you that the minimum bet at this table is $5, while at the green table accepts bets up from $25. Some tables – with minimum bets of $10 or $15 - that don’t have their traditional color. This is hardly a large inconvenience, though. A table of a non-conventional color says that the player should pay special attention to the amount of the minimum bet.