Careful Pursuit Blackjack Strategy

Careful Pursuit Blackjack StrategyCareful Pursuit strategy is a variation of Pursuit strategy. However, it has several differences that help take down the probability of losing to a minimum.

The main difference between Careful Pursuit and Pursuit online blackjack strategies concerns bets. Besides a maximum and a minimum bet, the player that follows a Careful Pursuit strategy must set a medium bet.

The first bet is made to the player’s discretion. The further actions depend on the result of the first round. If the player lost, they must proceed with a minimum bet. If the player won, they must act as follows. The second bet must be a maximum one. If the player won again, they make a medium bet. If the player won for the third time in a row, they make a minimum bet. As you can see, the player lowers the bet after every win. This is explained by the fact that the chances to win are reducing.

Some players think that Careful Pursuit strategy is a refined version of Pursuit strategy, because it takes down the amount of possible losses to a minimum. However, this system can’t give you a 100% guarantee and the player shouldn’t count on it completely.