Baccarat Gold in the Online Casino. Play Baccarat Gold Online Free

Baccarat Gold is one variations of the popular game of baccarat that can be found at most brick-and-mortar and online casinos. This is a great variant for beginning players due to simplicity of its rules. What is more, it has relatively  low house edge. Baccarat Gold uses eight 52-card standard decks.

Goal Of The Game

Like in the traditional variation of this game, the goal is to predict correctly who will win – Player or Dealer. Here you can also bet on Tie.

Card Combinations and Value

Baccarat Gold uses the same combinations and value of cards as in traditional baccarat.


Playing Process

Baccarat Gold has the same rules as conventional baccarat, with several exceptions concerning the situations when the player draws a card.

If the player bets on Punto, he may choose to hit or stand on a total of 5.

If the player draws a third card, the banker’s drawing rules are as follow:

Chances and Strategy

If the player chooses to hit on a Player hand of 5, house edge is as follows: 1.15% on Banco and Punto, 4.9% on the Tie.

If the player chooses to stand on a Player hand of 5, house edge is as follows: 0.91% on Banco or Punto, 7.5% on the Tie.

So we can draw the conclusion that the player should hit a Player hand of 5.

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