Atlantic City Blackjack. Free Online Blackjack

Different online casinos offer dozens of blackjack varieties that must embrace all existing rules for this card game. Atlantic City Blackjack from Microgaming is one of online blackjack variations. Now you can play free online blackjack on the our site.

General Description of free online blackjack

In Atlantic City Blackjack from Microgaming, the dealer deals himself two cards one of which is face down. Atlantic City Blackjack uses eight full decks of playing cards that are shuffled after every round. The player can bet only in one betting box.

Here follow general Atlantic City Blackjack rules:

Atlantic City Blackjack from Microgaming is available in Expert and Regular modes. You can activate Tips and see a basic strategy table precisely for this blackjack variation, also you can play free online blackjack. 

To start playing blackjack online free, determine nominal of chips and make a bet by clicking on the field with the left button of your mouse. By clicking with the right button you can remove a chip from the table. After you press on the Deal button, the Dealer deals two cards to himself and to the Player. One of the two Dealer’s cards is face up.

The Player decides what move to make next and presses on the respective button. After the Player hit, the Dealer opens up his cards. If the Player didn’t Surrender, and if neither Player’s nor Dealer’s hand exceeds 21, their combinations are compared. If the Player wins, he gets the payout. And player never lose if they play for free online blackjack or online roulette.


In Atlantic City Blackjack from Microgaming, the main window is represented by blackjack table. The table is divided into five boxes, but you can make bets in the third box only. At the top right corner of the screen, there is a table with Atlantic City Blackjack rules. If you point the cursor at this table, it will open in a larger version. Above the main window, there is an information line that says what moves are available to the Player, who play blackjack online free,  at a given moment.

At the bottom, there is a tool panel with Surrender, Split, Double, Stand, and Hit buttons and buttons for selecting chip nominal. If you switch to Expert mode, you will see Deal window and buttons for basic strategy table and automatic mode settings. Above the buttons, there are windows with information about insurance, bets, and winnings. On the left, there is a window showing the player’s balance, as well as Games (casino’s lobby), Bank (cash deck), Expert/Regular mode buttons, Statistics, and Settings.

Atlantic City Blackjack from Microgaming offers a number of various settings that make the process of playing convenient and easy-to-understand. You can make adjustments on speed (low, medium, fast, and super fast) and sounds. Automatic mode offers a wide range of settings as well. We recommended for the first time play free online blackjack.

You can play Atlantic City Blackjack for money in online casino Spin Palace.