The Man Who Won Big Playing Casino Roulette

Sometimes our life becomes incredibly boring. We get home from work and go to work again day after day, month after month, years. No wonder almost everyone at some point wants to change everything. But only few of us decide to actually change their lives.

One of such extraordinary people is Ashley Revell, although you don't have to follow in his footsteps. At the age of 32 he came to the conclusion that he can't continue living the same way. He used to spend 40 hours a week working and almost the same amount of time in front of the TV after work. Young Londoner got tired of meaningless life and thought about casino.

After taking all his savings and selling almost everything he had, Revell collected around 135,000 dollars. He bought an airline ticket and covered thousands of kilometers to get to Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas.

Londoner decided to spend all his money on one bet on red rather than making lots of small bets.

The Man Who Won Big Playing Casino Roulette

At this moment someone might think that Revell made a wrong choice risking all money he had. But this young man wasn't that naïve. Before going to Vegas he contacted several casinos and offered them to make a video coverage of his play for casino's promotion. Plaza Casino offered the most lucrative conditions.

Then Revell organized the campaign in Britain. Anyone could vote for a color he should bet on. After getting popular in his country and already making great changes in his life, Revell went to USA.

A huge crowd of casino visitors watched him playing. There were a record number of players at the casino, and casino definitely covered its expenses.

Casino roulette ball almost stopped on black sector, but at last moment landed in red cell making Revell twice richer in a blink of an eye. That's not bad for a man who had no money left to buy smoking so that he had to rent it.

Moreover, casino paid this lucky guy money for a successful promotion. This casino player got back to Britain being quite famous person. But even if he would have lost, his life would be different anyway.