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How to win at roulette at online casino. Roulette tips

Although roulette is all about luck, you still can improve your winning chances by following a couple of simple tips and guidelines below.

  • Use smart, time-tested roulette strategies or develop your own winning system.
  • Make sure to estimate your winning chances before making a bet. Even-money bets (red/black, odd/even, 1-18/ 19-36) minimize the casino advantage in any roulette type.
  • Try to pick a roulette table with bet limits that match your budget. It is better to make plenty of small bets rather than risk all your bankroll in one or two bets. This will allow you to enjoy online gambling longer. Pick bets that feature minimum house edge rather than maximum winnings.

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  • While risk is definitely a good thing, knowing when to quit is way better. After a big win, avoid the temptation to continue gambling and leave the casino.
  • House edge is increasing as you play. Casino advantage is 5% on the average. You can reduce the house edge by picking the right type of bet.

How to win at roulette

  • When choosing among various roulette types, pick European roulette. European roulette features the Surrender rule that gets the house edge down. Avoid American roulette as its double zero cuts down your winning chances. With its En Prison rule, French roulette is a quite attractive option for players. According to En Prison rule, if the ball lands on zero, you can either get half of your bet back, or let your bet be “imprisoned” in the next round.
  • Place even-size bets to bring the house edge to a minimum. If you make even-money bets (red/black, even/odd) and use En prison rule, you have way higher chances to at least break even.

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  • With En Prison and La partage rules, you can reduce the casino advantage to around 1 per cent. According to En Prison rule, if a ball hits zero or double zero (in American roulette), you can choose either to get your bet back or continue playing. If the ball hits zero, La Partage rule returns half of your bet, reducing the house edge twice.
  • Avoid betting on numbers divisible by 5 as this generates a whopping 7.3% house edge. Betting on other number is way more beneficial for a player..
  • Remember that you can’t eliminate the casino advantage. However, you can minimize it and increase your chance to win at online roulette.