Roulette rules at online casinos

Even if you are totally new to the gambling universe, you won’t find it hard to understand roulette rules. Furthermore, a small paytable is always displayed on the screen to inform you how much you can earn if lucky. Roulette table layout seems confusing only at first sight. After closely examining it, you are sure to feel more confident.

Beginning players are recommended to start with even-money bets as the least risky ones. This is a sure way to increase your bankroll step by step.

Roulette wheel

Online roulette wheel and roulette table have the same sequence of numbered sectors. European roulette wheel features 37 cells, while American roulette game wheel has 38 cells, due to an additional zero sector.

Roulette rules at online casinos

Single zero roulette

Most online casinos use a single-zero roulette online. This version is more player-friendly, offering better winning chances.

At the same time, you can also come across a double zero roulette. This roulette variation comes with lower bet limits, attracting many players. For example, while the minimum bet in European roulette may be $1, American version may have it at $0.5.

En Prison rule

En Prison rule lowers the house edge on even-money outside bets (e.g, red/black). If a ball hits zero sector, players who made even-money bets have the right to choose between two options. They may either have half of their bet back, or let their bet be “imprisoned”, meaning that it plays in the next spin. Although En Prison rule was originally a part of European roulette, it is used in American roulette as well. En Prison cuts the roulette house edge twice. However, not all casinos are willing to insure their clients against a zero.

La Partage rule

La Partage rule is related to French roulette. If a ball lands in zero, a player gets half of their bet back, instead of losing the entire bet. For the best casino, La Partage rule is just as ineffective as En Prison rule mentioned above.

When choosing a roulette game at the best online casino, be smart to pick roulette tables that offer En Prison or La Partage rules to get your winning chances up.