Online Casinos. Brief General Roulette Rules

Casino roulette stands out for its extremely simple rules. It's not difficult at all to understand them, despite roulette table having a lot of numbers and text.

Briefly about Edge

Online roulette offers quite big amount of bet types that at the same time can be combined. Players are allowed to cover the whole table with roulette bets to guarantee themselves winning. However, online casinos get profit in any case. Standard casino edge over player is 2.70% in European roulette and French roulette.

American version isn't that interesting, since it has 5.40% casino edge.

But if you play not very often, you won't notice any difference. House edge starts to make difference when the number of roulette bets is large. If we are talking about 100-200 rounds then you can choose any option you like.

Brief General Roulette Rules

Roulette Bets

Basic roulette bets are high/low, red/black, even/odd. These bets are paid 1:1. Chances to win are persistently evaluated as 50/50, although actually they are a bit lower. This is the simplest and the least risky type of roulette bets. However, it is used by novice players as well as experienced gamers.

The riskiest type of bet is a single number. The inner field of a roulette table has 36 sections from 1 to 36. A 0 sector (zero) is placed separately. By betting on a single number, a player can get 1:35 payout. The odds of winning are not high, that's why you better not place big bets on a single number. Though, everything depends on player's goals and his/her financial conditions. The history knows many cases when players won a fortune.

Other bets offer acceptable level of risk and quite high coefficients. For example a split bet, that means betting on 2 adjacent numbers, pays 17:1. 3 numbers (street) give 11:1 payout and so on.

Roulette game allows flexibility in changing the risk level depending on player's preferences. Some online casinos offer additional En Prison rule. Thanks to that rule, players get higher chance of winning.