Live roulette rules at online casino. How live roulette works

Although having plenty of differences, live games are played just like standard online games. For example, in live roulette game from Playtech, the minimum and maximum bets amount to 1 and 25 units, respectively. The dealer spins a roulette wheel and an ivory ball. A live roulette game can feature several players. Once the ball lands in a certain sector, the dealer announces the winner and pays out winnings. If you lose, your bet goes to the casino. Bear in mind that different roulette types may have different rules and special features. Furthermore, you need a high-speed internet connection to enjoy live roulette.

How live roulette works

Live roulette game is broadcast from a special room equipped with cutting-edge equipment. Multiple web cameras provide HD video broadcasts to a player’s computer. Crisp video image and realistic sounds make you feel like in a real land-based casino. During the game, players can watch the dealer spinning the wheel and placing bets. If you are not happy with your dealer, you can file a complaint with user support and choose another one.

Live roulette rules at online casino

Today, you can test multi-player live games that allow players to interact with each other, sharing impressions and tips. While the technology is not perfect yet, there is no doubt that multi-player live games own the future of online casino industry.

How players and live dealer communicate

Live roulette game features one-sided communication. While the player sees the dealer, the dealer cannot see or hear the player. Moreover, the player can communicate with other players via online chat or web camera. Software manufacturers are now developing live interfaces that enable voice communication between the player and the dealer.