Live roulette with live dealers

The truth is many people cannot drop everything and take a plane to the nearest gambling Mecca. Furthermore, a trip like that requires both time and money investments.

Such obstacles are among the reasons why online casinos grew so popular among gamblers all over the world. Nowadays, a player can enjoy any casino game – including the one with a live dealer – without leaving their home. And if it is not a dream come true, then we don’t know what is.

Live roulette is topping all live casino game rankings. If not for a live game feature, roulette would have lost many of its loyal fans.

About live roulette

Unlike standard online games, live roulette is played against a real-life croupier. He or she takes roulette bets, spins a ball, chats with players, and more.

A room where a roulette game takes place is equipped with several HD cameras, which allows all players to see and hear what is going on on the roulette wheel and the table. Furthermore, any player can communicate with a croupier. You can even activate your web camera and broadcast your image to croupier’s and other players’ displays. This option is available at few casinos online, though.

Live roulette with live dealers

Multiple players

Multiple participants is what makes the game of live roulette even more exciting. At night, a live roulette table can attract quite a few gamblers. The more, the merrier, they say. However, one sluggish participant can slow down a playing process for the others. On the other hand, lively communication, congratulations on winnings, and witty comments make up for any such nuisance.

High bet limits

Live roulette tends to feature pretty high bet limits, an obstacle which may drive novice players away. There is nothing to be scared of, though. First, a game with higher roulette bets is played at a slower pace. Second, you can choose to miss a round and just watch others play. However, if it’s just you and a croupier, you’ll have to either make a bet, or quit the game.

For highrollers, live roulette with its almost unlimited betting possibilities is a dream come true.