How to Play Roulette at Online Casinos For Real Money

In contrast to many online casino games, online roulette can theoretically be played with no bet limits. Online casino slot machines do not provide the opportunity to bet more money than slot settings allow. Standard casino roulette applications also have bet limits, but online casino players can switch to live roulette any time.

Casino Roulette Is For Rich Players

At first roulette was played by wealthy players who were ready to risk big money. Casino roulette was always known for its higher minimum bet limits. However, online casino made this game affordable to people of any income.

And still live roulette gives online casino players the opportunity to make big bets. Popular casinos online usually offer several live roulette tables which have different maximum bet levels. If online casino player wants, he/she can have a separate live roulette table without bet limits.

How to Play Roulette at Online Casinos For Real Money

Blackjack offers something similar, but online casino blackjack has different rules and blackjack players usually don't take that much risk compared to roulette players.

What Bets to Begin With

Everything mentioned above doesn’t mean that online roulette is a too expensive casino game. At online casinos everyone is given equal chances. As a matter of fact, online casino players rarely bet more than $1-$2. Majority of online casino gamers prefer betting no more than 10 cents.

At the beginning small roulette bets would be the most rational. You might dislike roulette game, that's why there's no sense of placing big roulette bets. At online casinos you can always use free mode which is absolutely the same as a real roulette game. Try various online roulette versions.

Try to stay away from using roulette strategies or at least don't expect a lot from them. They can’t give you constant winnings.

Live Roulette

Note that casino roulette is the most exciting to play in live mode. Computer version at casino online isn't that interesting as live roulette. If there are real dealers working at your online casino, make sure you place several roulette bets. It's possible that you will completely change your attitude towards roulette game. See how live roulette is played.