Why online casinos dislike French roulette

Unfortunately, you can hardly come across French roulette at casinos, both land and online. Wile being beneficial for players, French roulette is a real financial disaster for online casino operators. The reason is the low house edge on even-money bets.

La Partage rule

The thing that online casinos fear the most is the famous La Partage rule. La Partage is an integral part of French roulette. Without it, this roulette type would not even exist.

La Partage option reduces the house edge to 1.35% on even-money bets (Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low). The rule works as follows. If a 0 comes up, you get half of your even-money bet back. If you played American roulette, you would lose your entire bet.

Why online casinos dislike French roulette

Unwilling to put up with the small house edge and lower profits, online casinos either offer French roulette without La Partage, or refuse include French roulette in their game selection.

Before playing roulette, read the rules to make sure that your selected roulette has La Partage rule in its classical interpretation.

About European roulette

European roulette is another good variation to play. You will find European roulette at pretty much any online casino. Although European roulette lacks the La Partage rule, it has the house edge of 2.7% instead of 5.26%, like in its American counterpart.

Some online casinos make adjustments to European roulette rules. For example, if the ball lands on 0, all bets, instead of losing, stay for the next spin. Luckily for the player, this rule reduces the house edge. However, roulette terms vary from casino to casino. You need to ask each online casino whether they use this rule or not.

Avoid American roulette

As everyone knows, American roulette is the least profitable roulette and should be avoided. The house edge on even-money bets reaches a whopping 5.26%. If your favorite casino online only offers American roulette, we recommend you to switch to another online casino or try out other games.