Casino. European Roulette at Online Casinos: Roulette Tips and Secrets

Online roulette is a game of chance, and that's the most important you need to know about it. Luck will always be a crucial factor, while roulette strategies and roulette systems can just make the playing process diverse, but can't increase the chances of winning.

It should be mentioned that all main casino roulette types differ from each other just a little bit, if we are not talking about some specific type. There are the same payout coefficients.

En Prison Rule

It might seem paradoxical, but one optional European roulette rule can increase mathematical expectation of winning. It is implemented in many online casinos, but that fact isn't usually made public. Players can learn it from the roulette description.

The idea of this roulette rule is that if the ball stops on zero, all bets stay on the table (they are considered to be in prison). Then the second round is played, and bets are returned to players but without winnings.

European Roulette at Online Casinos

Standard roulette game without En Prison rule suggests that players lose when the ball stops in a zero pocket.

Thanks to En Prison rule, casino edge decreases by 2 times from 2.70% to 1.35%.

Winning Roulette Strategies

For roulette, including European roulette, there is a large number of various strategies. Usually they are described as winning roulette strategies. Some of them are quite funny and allow looking at the playing process from new perspective.

For example Martingale roulette strategy recommends to double bet after every unsuccessful round. Following this roulette system, a player eventually always gets back money he/she lost. Disadvantage of this roulette strategy is that during a long losing streak player can simply have no enough money to raise the next bet twice.

However, roulette strategy descriptions usually don't point out disadvantages. Some of roulette systems can lead to big losses. To check a roulette strategy, use free mode. Usually 20-30 bets are enough to make sure that winning with this strategy is impossible. To be more precise, the result can be positive, but totally due to good luck but not the roulette strategy.