Casino roulette: How it emerged and gained popularity

According to some researchers, a prototype of today’s roulette came from China. It needs to be said that Ancient China is a supplier for quite a few gambling games that stood the test of time and made it to modern casinos. The first game that comes to mind is lotteries that spread from China all over the globe.

However, most experts share the opinion that roulette was invented in the late 18th century in France. A legend says that the game of roulette was introduced by a mathematician under the name of Blaise Pascal, who was working on a perpetual motion machine. Curiously enough, a primitive form of roulette had lacked a zero cell which was added years later. Based on this, we can assume that roulette was created to be used in experiments rather than in gambling.

Whatever application it originally had, the game of roulette definitely shows its French roots. Casino tables have inscriptions in French as a small homage to its country of origin.

Casino roulette: How it emerged and gained popularity

In 1842, French gamblers added a zero cell to roulette table and wheel. It seemed to be the first and last significant alteration made to the game, until another zero cell was subsequently added by American roulette lovers.

Later on, the game underwent a couple of minor changes but nothing drastic. Today’s roulette looks just like its predecessor two centuries ago, featuring a wheel and a table.

Roulette popularity is mostly explained by its two-stage playing process which includes placing bets and identifying a winning number with a ball and a wheel. This peculiarity makes the game less monotonous and attracts more players. Furthermore, casino clients always liked a totally unpredictable nature of the game.

As surprising as it sounds, for a long time roulette remained unavailable for a wider public. Roulette used to be a favorite game of aristocracy and wealthy people who could afford high bets. Internet and online casinos made online roulette available to literally everyone. Nowadays casino roulette is a most popular gambling entertainment, only outstripped by slot machines and blackjack.