Popularity Online Gambling and Online Casinos in Sweden

Today gambling world in Sweden is represented by four major casinos that offer their players a wide range of table games and modern slot machines. Despite high quality services of land based casinos, online gambling isn't less popular, and the country is among the leaders of IT sector development in the world.

How Can Swedish Citizens Play Casino Games?

To enjoy all the opportunities online casinos offer and play casino games in Sweden, players have to register. At registration they need to provide personal information. Another rule players are required to follow is to have a bank account at a Swedish bank and have a residence registration. Players determine how much money they can spend on placing casino bets every week. This is a specific amount of money to each player.

Gamers are free to play at non Swedish online casinos that aren’t illegal according to EU regulations. This is absolutely legitimate behavior, and access to casinos won't be limited. By the way, a lot of famous online casinos are started by Swedish people and target Swedish market.

Popularity Online Casinos in Sweden

One of the biggest companies producing online casino software is Net Entertainment. It is one of the top ranked companies in the world in the online gambling industry and was also created in Sweden. Company products are always interesting.

The highest quality of animation gives players the opportunity to feel the real excitement of casino games with millions available as progressive jackpots. One of the Net Entertainment slots is even listed in the Guinness World Records. It's the online slot machine that paid a record 17 million euro jackpot.

Unique Swedish Casino Jackpots

Out of biggest winnings at Swedish casinos 3.7 million euro jackpot is the champion. It was hit by a family at casino in Stockholm. The winners couldn't even imagine how they would spend so much money and wanted to remain anonymous. Previous major jackpot was paid at the same casino. It was as big as 1.68 million Euros.

Online gambling is also famous for its frequent and generous prizes. A player from Stockholm has won 4.1 million Euros at an online casino. The record amount of money ever won at online casinos is more than 7.6 million Euros. People in Sweden prefer playing and winning at online casinos, and their preferences are reflected in the number of winnings and their sizes.