Targeting Millennial Generation as the Major Growth Opportunity for Online Gambling

Lovell Walker, who represents MGM Resorts, made a statement where he refers to millennials as one of the most perspective audiences for gaming industry. According to Walker's opinion, online casino operators should be researching millennials' preferences very carefully, and adapt to satisfy their needs. Millennials’ are aged 18-35 years old.

Promotions Aimed at Millennials

Millennials are confident users of latest technologies and have quite high income level. That makes them the main target market of gambling industry. These people are loyal to brands, know where they can get attractive online casino bonuses and always pay special attention to prices.

Major Opportunity for Online Casino and Online Gambling

Approximate number of millennials around the world is 2 billion. Experts forecast that this generation will soon become the major power that motivates further development of various businesses including offline casinos.

In the United States there are approximately 80 million millennials, and they have a great spending power of up to 200 billion dollars annually. Last decade online casinos tried to attract millennials' attention by offering them good bonuses and other services. But their efforts didn't bring expected results.

Introduction of New Developments

Lovell Walker is certain that all the resources should be used to develop innovative tools to win over this highly promising segment. Online casinos need to masterfully highlight the benefits they offer to millennials to reach their goals. Gambling industry can't stay the same anymore, and should introduce some changes. Slot machines and table games produced before need to be replaced by more recent developments.

Walker mentioned the widespread use of smartphones and social networks by millennials and says these characteristics should be considered when developing marketing strategies. MGM Resorts plans to make its businesses more attractive for millennials at all its casinos.