Winning Online Craps Strategy

If online craps player sets point number by throwing the dice first time, you'll have a chance to place additional bets. In this case the best winning casino craps strategy is to avoid bad bets and place bets which have the highest chances of winning.

For instance, you should never make "Big Six" bet, because this bet has 9.1% online casino edge. "Big Six" casino craps bet brings you winnings if 6 is rolled before 7. Another bet in the list of worst bets is "Big Eight" which also gives 9.1% house edge.

Winning Online Craps Strategy

Other unpopular online craps bets are: "Hard 4" and "Hard 10" which give online casinos 11% advantage. That's very bad for online casino players. But the worst casino craps bets are "proposition" bets giving casinos a horrible 13.9% edge. Never place these types of bets.

Advice: When we are talking about good craps bets, "pass line" and "don't pass line" are the most profitable for online casino players. But there are other quite lucrative bets as well. "Field" casino craps bet gives casinos 2.77% advantage, online casino player wins when 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 is rolled and loses if 5, 6, 7 or 8 is rolled.

"Place" craps online bets are also very popular. To win, players need the number they chose to be rolled before 7. Chances of winning and payout coefficients are as follows:

Numbers Payout Casino Edge
4 or 10 9 to 5 6.7%
5 or 9 7 to 5 4%
6 or 8 7 to 6 1.5%

Tips to Win at Craps

The most important thing online casino players need to do before placing craps bets is to decide on their money limit. Casino players should be aware that craps usually requires more money than other casino games. But if you prefer playing craps online, that won't be the problem for you. Online craps is much cheaper than live craps.

After joining casino craps table, you'll probably want to first observe the game and get used to other players. If you are playing at land based casinos, that aspect can be very important because placing "don't pass" bets can get some casino players irritated.

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