Casino Online. How Novice Gamers Can Start Playing Craps at Online Casinos?

A large number of novice players who want to try their luck in craps were surveyed, and we came to surprising conclusions. What scares new players is quite unusual playing process that differs from other casino games, and a lot of text on the craps table. Of course, without knowing rules, which can be found in this section of our website, there is nothing for you to do at the craps table. But having theoretical knowledge and experience, online craps turns into an extremely profitable casino game. However, we repeat one more time that absolutely novice players definitely shouldn't take risks and play for money at the beginning of their gaming career, since there's a risk of losing all their money.

As in any other online casino game, every bet that can be placed in craps gives a mathematical edge to an online casino. But the most surprising fact about playing online craps is that in some cases there's no casino edge at all, and in other cases house edge becomes unbelievably high. Although everything isn't that complicated as it might seem.

Casino Online. How Novice Gamers Can Start Playing Craps at Online Casinos?

How Does Playing Craps Begin?

At the start of the round players are offered to make a bet on different fields. The main goal you have at that moment is to guess the sum of the dice. Dice are standard cubes with six sides. There are two of them in craps. If you play at an offline casino, then one of the players becomes the shooter (the one who is rolling the dice). All gamers have the right to roll the dice, and they can give that right to another casino customer.

For better understanding let's divide the process of playing casino craps into two stages: Come Out roll and Point roll. First the Point number should be set, and it is then fixed if the sum of the dice is 4,5,6,8,9,10. After the number is fixed, the second stage of craps, that is called Point, begins. If after rolling there were no numbers mentioned above, and a shooter rolled 2,3,12, then he/she and other players who bet on the thrower lose, dealer says "Craps". If the sum of the dice is equal to 7 or 11, this is called Natural situation. Players keep on rolling dice until they lose or have the Point number.