Playing Craps. Nuances of Craps. How to play craps and choose bets. All about Organization of the Game

Craps is the casino game that doesn't make players stressed all the time. Casino customers don't have to make a lot of difficult decisions based on what is happening at that time. The most beautiful thing is you can plan everything ahead. If you will do that, you'll just enjoy playing craps sitting at the table and nothing would distract you from enjoying the process.

What is needed to relax and play successfully? The most important factor is to learn rules, practice a little bit, decide on the most optimal bets, have bankroll and determine how long you are going to play. To fully understand this information, you also need to know basic terms which are used today at casinos.

About Good and Bad Bets

In this part of our article we'll pay attention to probably the most important issue - good and not that good bets which casino players are offered. Consider Pass Line, Don't Pass Line, Come, Don't Come, Odds bets. They give casino the smallest edge.

Novice casino players should know that if they want to use the simplest and the most effective bet, they should place Pass Line/Don't Pass Line bets or Come/Don't Come. Later it would be rational to place Odds bets. Keep in mind that the size of the edge that casino receives in case of Pass Line/Don't Pass Line bets is less than 1.5%. Odds bets give a zero edge to casino.

Pay attention to bet payout coefficients since multipliers can differ at different casinos and sometimes this difference is quite significant. We are also interested in bet limits and the opportunity to place Odds bets.

Playing Craps

If you are completely new to craps, use demo mode. Perhaps every online casino has it. This way you minimize the risk of making serious mistakes.

Money Management

Before you visit casino, you need to take certain amount of money that you'll use for playing. While determining how much money to take with you to the casino, think of amount you won't regret losing there. And if you plan to spend quite a long time at casino, you need to determine your bet size in advance.

You definitely shouldn't take more money than you planned. Inside casino you can easily lose control. If you find yourself in unpleasant situation when all money is lost, the best you can do is to refuse taking further credits and just go home. You'll win next time.

The key to play successful craps is the total self-control. Time you spend at casino is very important and you'll need to decide in advance when exactly you are going to leave casino. Excitement you feel at casinos is a very serious thing. It can make stronger casino players stay and lose. That's why you shouldn't underestimate it.

We recommend making craps bets not bigger than 1% of your overall bankroll. Luck matters when you play casino craps, and you need to have enough money to get over bad luck. Don't forget to remove winnings from the table, it's your money. By the way, it would be good to set the upper limit for winnings. How much you need to win to stop playing casino craps and leave casino?