Casinos Online. Craps Bets at Online Casinos

Up to the moment shooter rolls the dice (Come Out phase), a player can place Pass Line and Don't Pass Line bets. Pass Line is the bet on the shooter and you win with him/her. Don't Pass Line bet wins when the shooter loses. The most interesting begins after the Point number is determined (if it was set). To win, the shooter has to roll that number again and at the same time shouldn't roll 7 that would mean losing.

Usually customers who bet against the shooters are not welcomed at craps tables, since there are a lot of people most of the times, and majority of them place bets on the shooter. However, house edge that casino has is lower when betting on Don't Pass Line. It's lower by 0.5%, but it still makes the difference.

For new players those types of bets would be more than enough. But we'll tell you about one more craps bet that players need to know when they start playing craps.

Casinos Online. Craps Bets at Online Casinos

Craps Bet - Odds

Surprisingly, Odds bet doesn't give casino even a tiny bit of edge. You play on equal terms. You can place Odds bet after Point number is determined, and if you doubt and don't know where to place it, ask dealer for help. Using this bet, you significantly increase the amount bet at the first round.

Tips for Playing Craps

Our advice to novice players is to bet on Pass Line or Don't Pass Line and don't make playing craps complicated. If Point was determined, placing Odds bet makes sense. Of course craps has a lot more bets, and you'll definitely learn them later, but at the beginning you shouldn't pay much attention to them. No strategy can give you 100% winning guarantee, and controlled dice shooting, as most people think, is the myth. But in our catalogue for articles there is detailed information describing this concept.