Basic Online Craps Strategy

If you think that craps is a pure game of chance, you are wrong. Casino craps involves some strategic thinking as well. When placing a random online craps bet, you make the worst possible decision, and it can cost you a lot of money.

Read this article if you want to learn about the most effective casino craps strategies and recommendations. If you will follow advice provided by, you'll have a chance of becoming a good casino craps player in a short period of time.

Basic Casino Craps Strategy

Craps scares away many online casino players because of its huge number of bets. These casino craps bets have different rules, chances and payouts. But the truth is, online craps bets are extremely easy to learn.

Basic Online Craps Strategy

The main and the most popular craps bet at online casinos is "pass line" bet. If you place this bet at the beginning of the game, you need the sum of dice 7 or 11 to win. If 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, you lose your casino craps bet. Any other number rolled becomes a so called point number. To win, online casino player needs point number to be rolled again before 7 is rolled.

Tip: "Pass line" bet gives online casinos just 1.41% house edge, making it a very lucrative type of bet for online casino players. If you are a novice online craps player, then this bet should be your first casino craps bet. Understanding of this bet is the basis for learning other types of online craps bets.

Another popular craps bet is "don't pass". If online casino player makes this bet, he/she wins when 2 or 3 is rolled, but loses when the sum is 7 or 11. Note that this online craps bet is the opposite of "pass line" bet, because online casino players bet on opposite results. If you play at a land based casino, you should be careful with "don't pass" bet since other casino players might not like the fact you are betting against them.