Play Online Craps At The Best Casino Online. All Rules And Specifics!

Craps – or dice– is one of the favorite gambling games in the history of mankind. Popular since the times of Ancient Egypt, craps is an old, time-tested game that has been enjoying gamblers’ love through the centuries. ‘Dice game’ is not a quite correct definition of craps because many other games are using dice as well. But on the other hand, bones are the only things in a player’s hands that determine the outcome of the game. Online craps is played with two six-sided dice with 1 to 6 marks in many casinos in USA.

The online table features a special layout and high boards to prevent dice from falling down. A unique thing about the gambling online craps is that the number of players can reach 20 participants. While the shooter is throwing the bones, other players are betting on the outcome.

Dice are made from cellulose. Its sides may wear off which is why the bones are regularly checked for defects after a certain number of rounds. After eight hours of continuous use, bones are replaced and gamblers continue playing with a new pair.

Purpose of online craps

The game of online craps is all about guessing. Players are attempting to guess what total number of points will be rolled by the shooter. Many players are using complex mathematical formulae to calculate their potential winnings at best USA online casinos.

How to play online craps

Dice are thrown (rolled) in strict accordance with online rules, otherwise the dealer may ban you from shooting. The dice are thrown with one hand to hit the opposite wall of the table. If the dice are thrown off the table, the dealer inspects them for any damage to decide whether to keep them in the game or replace them with new bones. While gambling craps can be played by multiple players in USA online casinos, the same as Baccarat or Black Jack, the game features just one shooter. If the shooter loses, they (or the dealer) passes the dice to the next player to their left.

Online craps for the shooter’s perspective

Online craps for the shooter’s perspective

Each round of casino game features two phases: Come Out Roll and Point Roll.

In the first phase, the shooter makes a roll to determine the Point. If a come out roll is 4 to 10, this number becomes the Point and the second phase begins. If a come out roll is 2, 3 or 12, the situation is called Craps, which means that the shooter lost. The right to throw the dice passes to the next player. A come out roll of 7 or 11 is a Natural, which means that the shooter won and can shoot again.

The shooter keeps throwing the dice till they roll a 7 or the Point. If the shooter makes a come out roll of 7, they lose and the dice are offered to the next player. If the shooter makes the Point, the shooter wins and keeps throwing.

Casino online craps bets

Craps bets

Below we have made a list of basic stake types in online casinos USA:

Casino game stakes come in multiple forms, and the above list of online craps stakes is far from being complete.

Craps specifics

If you’re aiming for juicy winnings, combination stakes are your best choice. In gambling craps, the most popular combination bets are Pass Line Odds and Pass Line; Come Odds and Come; and Don’t Pass Line Odds and Don’t Pass Line.

Craps specifics

Winning strategies

As most gambling games, craps lacks the optimal betting system that could improve a player’s winning chances. The outcome of each roll is totally unpredictable, and there is no tool that could help you with that. To protect their bankroll and minimize their losses, many players choose to make insurance bets. However, you need to settle for lowers payouts.

Using an insurance stake improves your winning chances by taking the house edge down to a modest 1-1.5%. The only drawback is that choosing from a great variety of insurance stakes is quite a difficult and confusing task. If before each roll you start to figure out which combination of bets to choose, the game may lose its excitement.


Although considered a pretty simple casino game, craps has its peculiarities. To get the hang of the game, we recommend you to practice in demo mode. What confuses beginners the most is an abundance of unknown terms on the table layout. There is no need to worry. Just like with roulette, you won’t find it hard to learn them all.

The best way to reduce risks is to make stakes that pay 1 to 1, such as Pass Line, Come, and others.

If you stick to the money management rules, use insurance stakes, and avoid risky wagers, you can reduce the house edge to 1% and even less. Stacking the odds in your favor is beyond your power, though.

Until the shooter rolls the dice, you can take your money from one field and place it on another one.