How to Earn at Online Casinos for Real Money?

Any real money online casino player wants to win. This is a natural desire, because otherwise there's no sense of risking money. However, there are enough players who don't just want to win, they want to earn money. Let's try to find out how possible it is.

What Can Stop From Winning at Online Casino?

It's logical that in order to earn by playing casino games, players need to win more often than lose. We are talking about long time period with a large number of bets.

However, if you are already familiar with rate of return, you probably know that on average real money online casinos pays back its customers no more than 97-98% of money spent. That’s the payout considering long term periods starting from one month and longer.

This is the way casino games work, and nothing can be done with that. It doesn't matter if we are talking about roulette, video poker or slot machines. Casino edge of 2-3% (sometimes even more) is there almost constantly.

How to Earn at Online Casinos for Real Money?

What Can Help to Win at Online Casinos?

First of all, you need games that can be played using mathematically proved strategies. They are video poker and blackjack. In both cases you should strictly follow optimal strategy to decrease house edge to two percents.

If you like roulette, your choice should be French or European type, and only even money bets should be placed. You'll most likely have to refrain from slot machines, because there is no data regarding the payout level of each specific slot.

Online Casino Loyalty Program

Strategies can help decrease house edge, but it can't help in reducing it to zero. To make casino and player chances equal, it's necessary to participate in a loyalty program. With its help players are quite likely to compensate remaining house edge and even receive profit.

How Much Is It Possible to Earn at Online Casinos?

It's obvious that by fulfilling conditions mentioned above, you will be able to get a 0.5-2% edge over online casinos. Don't expect any better results. It means that the more bets you place and the larger their amount the higher profit will be.

At the same time, you shouldn't disregard quite unpleasant factor called dispersion. Dispersion means that the frequency of losses can be significantly higher than expected.