Why Real Money Online Casino Payout Ratio is So Important?

Payout ratio is for a long time one of the main online casino for real money characteristics. Looking at its value, players can draw conclusions about how much money they can receive back in the form of winnings, and how much will get an online casino.

What Payout Ratio is Acceptable at Online Casinos?

It's not hard to guess that the higher the payout percentage the more money players receive. At good casinos that can be trusted, the average payback ratio usually varies in the 95-98% range depending on the type of the game.

For slot machines it can be a bit higher, let's say 98%, for blackjack it’s a little bit lower - 97%. Roulette has up to 95% payback ratio.

However, there's no single trend since a lot is determined by players' style.

Real Money Online Casino Payout Ratio

Who Calculates Payout Percentage at Online Casinos?

Online casinos do calculations. Actually, this is quite important information, because it can be used later when determining the size of tax payments.

But the question about how much these data can be trusted remains. After all, casinos can deliberately publish better data to attract as many customers as possible.

Players can have some doubts over honesty of provided information. That’s why independent organizations such as eCOGRA join the process of payout percentage calculation.

Casino system has one more server connected. It receives information about all games played. This type of server works for quite a long time, usually from one month. And then if casino data is confirmed, online casinos gets a corresponding certificate for each type of game separately.

Can Casino Payout Ratio Be Higher Than 100%?

It's strange, but there are such cases. Usually maximum payback percentage is fixed for video poker, although it’s not always the case. Still, there are casinos online where payback ratio of a particular game can be more than 100% at the end of the month.

Usually online casinos don't hide this information and on the contrary, use it in their advertising.

Can You Know Payout Ratio of a Particular Slot Machine?

Unfortunately, online casinos give only general data for game categories: slot machines, video poker, blackjack, etc. Sometimes such information can be received from a slot producer. But most of the time players have to rely on general values.