Is It Real to Break MD5 Algorithm at Online Casino for Real Money?

Certain online casinos for real money still keep using the hash algorithm known as MD5. For a long time this tool was one of important online casino security system components.

Thanks to MD5, real money online casino operator was confident that no one could hack slot machines and at the same time players were sure real money online casino was honest and practiced a fair game.

How Did Online Casinos Use MD5?

To all who didn't witness the beginning of online gambling, let us remind you that sending a coded file to player before the game starts was a popular practice. The file contained a collection of combinations for the next game.

Random number generator produced a certain number of combinations in advance that later were simply repeated. After finishing a game session, players received a password to open the file they got earlier. All the data then could be decoded to make sure the game happened exactly as had been planned.

How to Break MD5 Algorithm at Online Casino

Attempts to Break MD5 at Online Casinos

Of course, almost immediately after the introduction of MD5 to a wide audience, various people tried to break it. Although that wasn't a surprise since a lot of casino players wanted to know what slot machine spins would be successful.

For a long time hackers were unlucky. Algorithm was quite difficult to break, and what is more important, in order to process a huge amount of combinations, it was necessary to have a significant computing power. The process of breaking the algorithm could take very long, making this idea completely meaningless.

However, in 1993 scientists already proved that MD5 had some vulnerability (the algorithm itself was created in 1991).

But only in 2006 was found the method that made breaking online casinos’ MD5 the matter of one minute using just a regular computer.

What Happened to the Algorithm Later?

Starting from 2008, specialists stopped recommending the usage of the algorithm by any websites including online casinos. By 2011 MD5 finally was admitted to be insecure and detailed instructions of breaking it appeared on internet.

However, algorithm didn't disappear completely, and its more advanced modifications were developed, in particular MD5crypt that ensured a required level of data safety.

Online casinos for real money that are still using MD5 become an attractive target for hackers.