How To Start Using A Mobile Casino: Step-By-Step Guide

To enjoy playing at mobile casino, your need a smartphone or a tablet. The good news is that all modern mobile devices enable you to play at mobile casino. Here is a set of minimum requirements: color screen, GPRS support, internet browser, Java support. Bear in mind that Android and iPhone/iPad users enjoy the biggest variety and the highest quality of mobile casino games.

How to start using a mobile casino

Mobile casino and home computer

Along with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), you also need to have a desktop computer. First, deposits and withdrawals are easier to make from a home computer. Second, some casinos do not allow you to open an account from your mobile phone. Furthermore, when you use your home computer to access a casino, you may have a wider choice of available payment methods. Say, you’ve read some reviews and chosen a good online casino. On your selected casino website, you’ll find an instruction on how to download and install mobile casino software. To get a link to mobile casino, you can scan a QR code on online casino website. To register a new account, you need to submit your country and phone number. You’ll get a text message containing a link. You can also have a link and instruction sent to you email address. If you use your mobile phone to access an online casino website, the casino automatically redirects you to its mobile casino website compatible with your OS.

How to start using a mobile casino

You can either download mobile casino software to your mobile device, or play right in your browser. Do not forget to register. Bear in mind that if you have an old mobile phone, you may have hard time registering. We recommend you to register from your desktop computer if you have one. Submit your login, password/PIN, address, and phone number. For mobile casino, you can submit the same login you use at online casino. You can make a deposit on online casino website either. As we already mentioned, we recommend you to credit your account from your home computer.