iOS Mobile Casinos For iPhone/iPad

iPhone by Apple is probably the most popular smartphone ever. Together with iPad and iPod, iPhone runs on iOS, meaning that you need to choose  iOS-compatible mobile casino games.

iOS mobile casinos for iPhone/iPad

iOS limitations

Nowadays, many mobile casinos offer HTML games for both iPhone/iPad and Android devices. As flash technologies are considered outdated, Apple stopped to support them. When it comes to downloadable versions, there is a problem as well. Unlike Android products, Apple devices are only compatible with AppStore applications. With online gambling illegal in the United States, AppStore has no real-money gambling applications. All this leaves iPhone users with browser-based mobile casinos. The bad news is that the situation is unlikely to change in the near future.

iPhone users can play mobile casinos games in browser only

You need to either go to a mobile casino directly, or go to an online casino website to be redirected to iPhone-friendly mobile casino games. You can register both from your desktop computer and mobile phone. When it comes to depositing/withdrawing money, you should choose your home computer over your mobile device as the latter only supports a limited range of payment methods. The good news is that mobile casino games feature vibrant graphics and great sound. Most games are displayed both horizontally and vertically.

iOS mobile casinos for iPhone/iPad

Touch-screen operation is easy and user-friendly. However, you may have problems with touch screen when playing roulette. For example, you may find it hard not to make an inside bet instead of an outside bet. Just like with Android games, you can test iOS games on your computer. To do this, you need to download a browser extension to change your User Agent string. Check iPhone/iOS as your identified system and go to a mobile casino website. There is a chance that you can start mobile games on your computer and play. For convenience, you may have to scale down your browser window.

iPhone/iPad is a highly convenient platform to enjoy mobile casino games, supported by most casinos and software manufacturers. If you’re an iPhone/iPad owner, you’ll have no difficulty accessing mobile casino games. Furthermore, browser-based games tend to run smoother on iPhone rather than Android.