Mobile Casinos For Android

Android is the top popular smartphone operation system successfully used by all major mobile device manufacturers. Developed by Google, Android is a free software in open access, which made it popular among users worldwide. Moreover, Android counts over one million applications. You can play at mobile casino both from your Android phone and tablet. Being an Android user myself, I can confirm its convenience and high functionality. I recommend you to choose a good Android over an iPhone. You will have the same value for less money.

Mobile Casinos For Android

Today, all major mobile casinos are compatible with Android OS. The biggest advantage is that Android users can enjoy a wider selection of mobile casino games. Being the most popular OS in the world, Android left all its competitors far behind. In the next few years, the gap is only expected to grow. All this makes Android the best choice for mobile gambling fans.

Android phones support three major types of mobile casino games, including HTML games, flash games, and downloadable games. Bear in mind that flash versions are no longer used.

To get access to mobile casino games, you can either scan a QR code, or go to online casino website to be redirected to mobile games section. If a mobile casino is available in downloadable version, you can download it to your mobile phone. You won’t find mobile casino applications in Android Market. The best option is to download one from online casino website (look for .apk file). Be sure to go to the “Settings/Applications” section on your smartphone and check the “Unknown sources” box. This will enable you to install an application which does not come from Android Market.

Mobile Casinos For Android

When it comes to registration, you can open a new account both from your home computer and your mobile phone. If you access mobile casino from your phone, prepare to see fewer payment methods to deposit/withdraw money. There is no need to worry, though. Major payment methods are always available.

Mobile casino games feature clear, crispy graphics which makes gambling on your large HD screen a pure delight. Pretty much any game switches between horizontal and vertical modes without a hitch. In roulette, however, you may struggle with clicking on the right bet but it’s a minor inconvenience. In downloadable version, you can scroll to see additional windows (payout tables, rules, etc.).

Here is a small trick for those of you who want to test a browser version but for some reason hesitate to launch it on their phone. Download a browser extension to change your User Agent. Check “Android” as your identified system and go to your selected online casino website. The website will identify your browser as an Android device and redirect you to mobile casino page. Now you can try out mobile games for your mobile browser!

If you’re looking for an advanced smartphone to play various mobile casino games, Android phone is your best choice. Its benefits include reasonable price, wide range of functions and applications, and good prospects. For Android users, mobile casinos offer a mind-blowing selection of cutting-edge games with intuitive navigation. If this does not sound convincing, I don’t know what does.