Online Casino. Poker and Other Online Casino Card Games

The last couple centuries people actively played casino card games. During that time there were a lot of interesting games created, majority of them available at online casinos now.

Significant share of casino card games is based on basic poker terms. That's why by learning poker you can without significant difficulties learn other types of poker.

Another big category is blackjack and its variations that are very similar to each other.

Let It Ride

This variation of video poker, as many other types, starts with Ante bet. After mandatory bet is placed, a player receives five cards. Two of them are closed and the other three are open.

Player can open one closed card for free, but in this case potential payout coefficients will be lowered. A player can choose to raise or continue playing without increasing bet size. Maximum payout multiplier x1,000 is given for Royal Flush. A pair of tens pays x2.

Oasis Poker

Players at online casinos often choose Oasis poker. Dealer is the opponent in this game.

Poker and Other Online Casino Card Games

Before the round begins a participant makes Ante bet, and after that dealer and player receive five cards each. One card is open.

A player can refuse playing the round. In this case cards are folded and online casino gets player's bet. If cards are quite strong, player can place a bet and compare his/her combination with dealer's combination. Card switching is also available.

For three new cards players pay three Ante bets, if they change four cards then Ante size doubles. While switching all cards, bet raise is automatically performed and Ante taken.

Dealer participates in the game only under condition that he/she has king and ace or another stronger combination. Otherwise, dealer folds and a player receives 1:1 payout. If dealer and player hold similar combinations, then Ante is returned.

Blackjack Switch

If you have already played one of blackjack variations at online casinos, then playing new Switch type of the game you'll have opportunity to switch cards between two hands.

For example, if you play two hands and have 6, 10 in one and 5, J in the other, you could get two strong pairs 6, 5 and 10, J. Players can switch only second dealt cards.