Casinos. Unusual Online Casino Card Games

It might seem that online casinos don't have other applications except for slot machines. But actually, in the section with casino card games or table games you can find numerous interesting casino games online.

By the way, just a few people know that before progressive jackpots were introduced the most popular casino card game had been blackjack at land based casinos. And only later players' desire to participate in progressive jackpots with millions at stake made slot machines more popular. For a long time casino card games used to hold strong positions.

Magellan Poker

In this interesting variation of video poker, which can be often found at online casinos, a player can change cards after first distribution.

Before a round begins players need to place an obligatory bet called Ante. When a participant receives cards, he/she can fold (in this case Ante will go to online casino), continue playing, increase bet or change cards. But changing cards would cost one more obligatory bet.

Unusual Online Casino Card Games

If at the same time dealer holds king or ace, then the new round can be started automatically.

Double Exposure Blackjack

This intriguing type of blackjack will be appreciated by players who want to see both dealer cards at the same time.

The cost of this privilege is equal payout coefficients for all combinations including blackjack. All push situations, except for 21, are counted as casino winnings. Doubling down is available when a player has 9, 10, 11.

Red Dog Poker

If you need the simplest options, then Red Dog Poker can be the most optimal choice for you at an online casino.

At the beginning of the round a player makes a mandatory bet called Ante and receives two open cards. To get a prize, players need to have third card with the value that falls between first two card values.

For example, when you have 8 and 10, then the only card that satisfies conditions is 9.

The bigger the difference between first two cards the higher the chances to win.

A player can increase bet size if the chances to win are high. If there is no sense in taking the risk, then a player just needs to receive third card, hope for a good luck and risk only Ante bet.