Training your video poker skills

Video poker is a very popular casino game among both land-based and online casinos worldwide. Video poker is preferred by those players that enjoy intellectual casino entertainment. Throughout any kind of video poker game, you need to make decisions that affect the result of the game. Therefore, you should learn all the rules in order to avoid mistakes that increase the house edge.

You must know that there are dozens of more or less popular video poker variations. For every one of them, there are special strategies, following which you can gain maximum results. In particular, in some games you can even gain mathematical advantage over the casino.

Our tip to beginning players: don’t hurry and start mastering the basics of the game from the most popular video poker variation, i.e. without jokers. Those variations have simpler rules and less complicated tips.

Almost all video poker variations without joker cards are based on the variation called Jacks or Better. This is the game you should start your acquaintance with this group of casino games with.

Don’t get upset if you find the list of tips on how to play Jacks or Better video poker way too complicated. This is just the first impression. After learning the rules in more detail, you will be able to see patterns and connections that make it easier to make the only right decision. We recommend you to learn information in blocks. At first, learn how to play cards with the main combinations that are formed frequently. For example, you should know what to do five cards form an incomplete flush or straight, when you should chase straight flush or royal flush, what combinations to choose in controversial situations, and so on.

Compare your actions with the basic strategy. Print out a table with hints on all possible situations. Ideally, you can install a computer program that will help you play video poker. Usually, those utilities have various modes: training, testing, strategy selection, and many others.

Before starting to play for money, master all skills in a test mode. Nowadays all casinos offer this option. Look for the most beneficial Jacks or Better variations from different casino software manufacturers. Sometimes, less popular software brands offer the most beneficial games. However, it’s hard to find an honest and reliable online casino running on this software.

After you’ve mastered Jacks or Better, you can switch to other video poker variations. A piece of advice: avoid switching between too many video poker variations in order not to confuse their strategies.

Even when you’re confident of your knowledge, remember to test them once in a while and try out new poker variations offered by online casinos. Who knows, maybe you can find a more beneficial video poker variation than the one you’re used to.

We hope that our tips will help you become a more skilled and professional video poker player.