Types of online roulette and their differences

Any type of casino – whether it is an online or land-based casino – offers several types of roulette that differ not only by their design but also by the rules and tricks used during the playing process itself.

Main differences between online casino roulettes

Nowadays, there are just three main types of roulette – American, European, and French. To read about these roulette types in more detail you can on our website onlinecasino-x.com/us. In addition, on this website you can see the rating of online casinos and choose the best one of them for playing for money. Differences between American roulette and other types of roulette are obvious and easy to see. The main difference is an extra zero cell, which increases the winning odds up to 36:1. Simple calculations reveal that the house edge at American roulette is 5.4%, while other types of roulette offer the house edge of only 2.7%. Therefore, professional gamblers recommend to avoid American roulette.

American and European roulette hybrid

American and European roulette have numerous differences that have to do both with the number of cells and location of sectors on the roulette table. It’s worth noting that online and land-based casinos in post-Soviet countries offer a so-called hybrid of American and European roulettes. Although this roulette has only one zero cell, the location of sectors on the table resembles the American roulette a lot. Unlike in American roulette, the croupier doesn’t use a special tool for collecting chips: the roulette table is small enough to reach chips with your hand. Moreover, there is a difference in chips nominal and bets. Unlike in the American roulette, the hybrid roulette welcomes verbal bets, even at land-based casinos.